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My name is Josi and let me introduce myself by asking you this...

Is it possible for a family photo session to actually be a fun time of connecting and playing with your kids? I sure like to believe so! My passion is to help families genuinely connect during our sessions to capture moments of authentic love, joy and laughter!  Portrait photography has changed a lot since most of us were kids- gone are the days when you’d match outfits and have everyone sit still and (awkwardly!) pose for the camera. I believe that the key to a successful session is to let your guard down, breath, and have fun with your kids. This creates those authentic moments so I can capture who you really are.  I don't have a photographer bubble around me and my camera when I’m working with kids- I want them to feel like they’re on an adventure with me! We play, run, giggle, they can “help” me with my camera…It’s amazing what will happen when you take some of the “sit still and smile for the camera“ pressure off of kids.

Whether I’m with you doing an outdoor session, newborn session in your home, or your head shots- I want you to help create a positive environment for you to feel comfortable so I can capture what your life looks like in that moment.  It might be to help you remember what if felt like to hold your newborn in your arms, or what it was like to have your littles sitting on your lap giggling or cuddling with you, or what they looked liked running or twirling with childlike joy. 

THAT’S why I do this- for those moments.

If you’re looking to have a refreshed head shot or branding session- let me just tell you; I love getting creative to help you advance your business and opportunities! Having images that enable your potential clients to actually connect with you is so important! I’d love to hear more about your business to see if I’d be a good fit to work with you!

I’m a mom to a sweet and active two year old daughter and to an amazing stepson in High School. My husband is my best friend, rock and biggest supporter as I pursue my dreams.  I feel so blessed to be able to do something that I truly love with so much support from my family. My faith in God is at the core of all I do, and I really wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for God’s grace and second chances! (Which is where the name “Heartwing” comes from- ask me more sometime how that came about!)  I love the beach, movies, shopping, Netflix binging with my hubby, driving with the windows down, some good music, being outside and mostly- ice cream!

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